Monday, August 26, 2013

Update time

The latest on the Immigration saga is that there is no latest.  I don't know where we are at but no news is good news so far.

My mother came to visit in May and that was nice to see her and have her meet the husband.

I have found part time employment here but I need surgery on both wrists to fix the carpal tunnel.  They say that's $ 20,000 ... gulp !  So I am waiting to see if aliens are able to get assistance on the fees as Aus and USA have some reciprocal medical programs.

I bought a car here of my own now, a Chrysler Sebring convertable.  It's very nice to drive ... looks so small next to the 4WD truck .. (Ford F150 crewcab ute for the Aussies)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Hun
    I hope you can get your wrists done - cheaper :O
    That is a huge amount of $
    And some whinge here in Aus about medical costs, they have no idea do they xx
    It sure is taking time with the papers but as you say, no news is good news :D
    Awesome that you have your own wheels now too

    Take care xx